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Engaged | Kathleen & William


The very first thought I had when Kathleen and William sent news that they were engaged was, “Oh gosh, I hope I get to do their engagements.” And I did! So grateful to be able to take pictures of such lovely, thoughtful friends. One of the locations we went to was the spot of William’s proposal and their first date. As we walked toward the bridge where a couple of years ago they graffitied their favorite words, Kathleen recalled how their hands had accidentally brushed against each other, and she nervously darted ahead because she didn’t want to hold hands yet. Such an endearing little anecdote, especially after catching her, at the end of the evening, holding her left hand out in front of her and admiring her ring. It was a tender moment made especially funny when she realized that I caught her looking at it! But it’s a ring well worth admiring. Designed by William and made by Kathleen’s great uncle, it’s a beautiful reminder of the word William wrote on that bridge: “Always.”















Congratulations, William & Kathleen!

Engagement, Photo

Engaged | Scott & Alex

Recently returned from South Korea, where they have been living and teaching English for the last year, Scott and Alex let me have the honor of taking their engagement photos last week. For those of you who know this couple, word or their engagement may not be news. Scott proposed to Alex on Thanksgiving of 2011 in Santiago, Chile (where they resided before South Korea), and the two have been traveling and learning languages together since. It’s a particularly exciting time for those of us who are close to them, not only because they are in the States for the first time in ages, but because by the end of the month these two will be legally wed in Napa, California! Scott and Alex have both been there for me in so many ways and mean the world to me. I could not be more excited for them, and I feel incredibly blessed to have documented the last days of their engagement. They’ll be honeymooning in Seattle and London before moving to Morocco to study Arabic. Wishing them the happiest of journeys.


Congratulations, Scott & Alex!


Engagement, Photo

Engaged | Margaret & Ben

The past month has been filled with the excitement of the betrothal of my two good, good friends, Margaret and Ben. Last week, with the very talented Kristi McMurry, the four of us ventured into a kudzu jungle to shoot their engagement pictures. I am so thankful that Kristi and I were able to document this exciting time for the pair. I love shooting with her, and it was even more exciting that we were using different mediums; I shot with 35mm film, and Kristi shot with her DSLR. Krisit’s pics turned out excellently, and you should definitely check them out here. Below are some of my images from the day as well as pictures of the couple’s engagement dinner at Crown Winery later that week.