Wash Over Me

Last summer I visited the beach and later went canoeing on the Buffalo River. Reflecting on the past year, I think these trips were extremely calming for me during a time in which I was in need of some perspective and peace. Something about the vast formlessness of the ocean and the directional sweeping of the river kind of carried me away, and I’ve been thinking about water imagery fairly regularly since. We wash ourselves with water. It makes us feel clean and fresh. But it also breaks things down and smoothes them over, like stones at the bottom of a riverbed or the walls of a canyon deepening over time. It immerses, recedes, and then a new thing emerges. It simultaneously alters and restores. With that said, I am pleased to share this film swap with my good friend Rebecca. I had been itching to do something fun with film again, and I’m so glad to have had her help with this experiment. I shot a few rolls of portraits in a studio with the assistance of Rebecca, who then took the film home with her to San Diego where she exposed the rolls again at the beach.


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