Non-Fiction, Photo, Wedding

Beach House

There is a beach house on Folly Island that is full of people. Boys who have slept on the deck facing the ocean begin to wake. A girl descends the stairs quietly and sneaks out the back with a camera in her hand. Someone passes through the living room and sees from the window that she is headed down the boardwalk to the beach. The sun rises higher and the water turns from gold to silver to blue. Friends and family pass from room to room, from inside to outside, smiling at each other and smelling of salt. The boardwalk creeks under bare feet. Crushed seashells and sand heat these feet until they reach the cool water. A patriarch stands in the ocean looking out at the horizon. Behind him, his family sits in the sun or under the shade of an umbrella. A girl reads a book by her favorite author. A boy lets the sun warm his back. He closes his eyes and listens to the waves and the wind. They have all come together for the marriage of a couple now eating breakfast on a balcony in Savannah. The elements that shape our earth meet here.




Congratulations, Ben & Margaret! We love you guys!