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Engaged | Margaret & Ben

The past month has been filled with the excitement of the betrothal of my two good, good friends, Margaret and Ben. Last week, with the very talented Kristi McMurry, the four of us ventured into a kudzu jungle to shoot their engagement pictures. I am so thankful that Kristi and I were able to document this exciting time for the pair. I love shooting with her, and it was even more exciting that we were using different mediums; I shot with 35mm film, and Kristi shot with her DSLR. Krisit’s pics turned out excellently, and you should definitely check them out here. Below are some of my images from the day as well as pictures of the couple’s engagement dinner at Crown Winery later that week.



4 thoughts on “Engaged | Margaret & Ben

  1. If I didn’t know Margaret’s age, I would never be able to guess it. How does she look 35 and 23 at the same time? She’s so sophisticated and foxy.

    I love every single photo, Josh!

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