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I had been looking forward to harvest since I started working at Crown Winery in March. I was excited to see the grapes grow and to see how they made it from vines to the tanks and barrels where they ferment. Last Sunday I was able to tag along for the harvesting of Cayuga White, a hybrid grape developed by Cornell University. Vineyard manager Taylor Barker drives a machine harvester over the trellises, shaking off the grapes with minimal stem and vine debris. Once the harvester is full, the grapes are released onto a conveyor belt for sorting and are then pumped into the winery where they will be pressed and yeast will be introduced to begin the fermentation process. Since Crown’s first vines were planted in 2006, an additional five acres have been planted each year, amounting to over twenty-two acres of vines.

Vineyard Manager Taylor Barker

Owner Peter Howard

Owner Peter Howard administers tours of the vineyard and winery every week. In addition to tours, the winery hosts Wine Downs every Friday night through October 4th, featuring live music at no cover with food and, of course, wine available. Deals on tours can be found on Groupon, SnagMob, and LivingSocial.



Bartenders Sharon and Brittany



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