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Burrito Meal & Cypress Grove

One of my many flaws includes (cough, cough) overeating. Am I alone in this? No way, José. Do I still feel guilty after I order, let’s say, a big a. Choreez-Burger with chips covered in queso and then eat every last bite of it? Of course. Fortunately for me, one of my favorite places to overeat is located almost directly across the street from my favorite place to get out and walk.* And that’s why, ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Burrito Meal and Cypress Grove.

One thing I’ve noticed about the “What do you feel like eating?” question is that, when the answer is Mexican food, everyone has an opinion about which restaurant to choose — some opinions so steadfast and unwavering that we may end up getting Chinese just to pacify whatever contention has developed within the group. Then, even if a restaurant is agreed upon, you still may face comments like, “I’m from San Diego. We’re so close to the boarder that we have the best Mexican food. It’s fact. But this is pretty good for Tennessee.” [I apologize here to my San Diego friend.] All of that to say, if you’re picky about your Mexican food, my San Diego friend says Burrito Meal is “good for Tennessee” (a compliment, I assure you). My favorite menu item: The Choreez-Burger. A mix of chorizo sausage and ground beef, with your usual toppings, plus guacamole, and crisp, fried jalapeño slices (if you ask for them — and you should). My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

*Burrito Meal’s new location
581 Old Hickory Blvd     Jackson TN 38305

Not only do I love the location of Cypress Grove and Burrito Meal because of their proximity to each other, but they’re also tucked away on the more rural end of Airways Blvd. It’s always refreshing to wander a little from your daily route, and Cypress Grove is definitely a retreat — whether you’re walking off a Choreez-Burger or just looking for a little time off.  The park is a sanctuary for eagles, owls, and hawks, and its winding boardwalk takes you through a beautiful forest that makes you feel like you’re miles and miles away from work or class or your daily-whatevers.

Cypress Grove Nature Park
866 Airways Blvd     Jackson TN 38301

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