Jackson Gold

Before I enrolled at Union I wasn’t quite sure where Jackson was, and shortly after I discovered it I faintly remember (cough, cough) describing it to people who asked where I was going to college as “The only thing between Nashville and Memphis.” But over the past four years, Jackson has increasingly become a home to me. Not only has it grown on me, but I feel like I’ve been able to see it really grow in the time that I’ve been here. I’ve met some amazing people that have shaped me in this time of learning, but also people who are shaping this town and its own development. I have one more semester to go, and whether I stick around after that or not is up in the air. But it makes me feel good knowing that if I am here for a little longer it’s a town with room to stretch its legs, and one that’s not done stretching yet. So as a sort of celebration of this place, for the month of August I’ll be sharing a series of posts about my favorite things in Jackson. Maybe it won’t all be news to my Jackson readers, but hopefully in sharing what I think are some Jackson treasures you’ll find something new to love about this place.



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