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Stardust Video & Coffee

I’ve had a pretty incredible weekend in the Orlando area visiting family, but on I Monday was able to meet up with my friend Jessica Prado for dinner. She asked if we could meet at Stardust Video & Coffee, which I found fitting since we met at a film studies program (LAFSC) in L.A. back in 2010. Stardust is a cool little place that operates as a video rental, a kitchen, a bar, an art gallery, and more. At Jessica’s recommendation I ordered the Grinderman — a chicken sandwich served with pesto, goat cheese, and hot sauce. I’m a pesto and goat cheese fan, so of course I complied. The Grinderman has a little kick to it, but we decided, “It’s spicy, but it’s not.” Although it’s not a Louisiana dish, it reminded me of the slight burn that some of the Cajun food has in New Orleans. Also, an accidental salad dressing spill proved, for me at least, that balsamic dressing is a good supplement to the already flavorful Grinderman.

The best part of dinner, however, was getting to hang out with Jessica again after parting ways a year and a half ago. I was reminded of how encouraging she is and how helpful that encouragement was to me when we were in L.A. together. She’s beautiful, talented with video and editing, and a good friend. Definitely going to miss this one when I’m back in Tennessee, but am so thankful we got to spend some time together again!

Stardust Video & Coffee
1842 E Winter Park Rd     Orlando FL 32803



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