F O U N D ► A family vacation

My Black Friday shopping included a trip to my favorite antique store for salvaging old photographs. I always love finding collections of photos from the same people and, in this case, the same event. I found several from this family’s trip to the capital. Most of the photos consist of the father, son, and grandmother figures. A mother figure was only in one of the photographs, so I assume she was the photographer. Posted here are some of my favorites. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do!


3 thoughts on “F O U N D ► A family vacation

  1. Katie says:

    This reminds me of flipping through all those photos with you at the Cellar Door in Cedar Rapids. Photos are what we take to “preserve” memories… it’s eerie to think that eventually, they will loose their context, meaning and significance and wind up for sale in an antique store. Then people are really gone, forgotten. I wonder if it will take longer for people to forget the more we photograph our lives (I’m thinking especially since the advent of digital photography), or will the abundance of images only hasten the part of the process where lack of context removes all meaning. After all, at some point, all photos of 20-somethings in a bar look the same, right? All family photos blend together, happy couples at the altar look the same, babies are indistinguishable …

    Great post, keep writing.

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