A N G O L A | Pt. 3 of 3

After a fun and smile filled day, these dads have to say goodbye. Walking around, one can hear them making promises to their children, asking them to be good, to try hard in school, telling them not to make the same mistakes. Because these dads can’t be there for their children to grow up, they try to leave their kids with as much fatherly advice as they possibly can in the short time they have to say goodbye for another year.

Before the goodbyes, there is a balloon release ceremony for the fathers and children to take part in.

Each father and child are given a balloon, which they tie together to symbolize their bond.

The balloons are released, creating a stunning visual metaphor for the emotional and complex last few minutes the families share at the end of the day.

Dads watch from the top of the bleachers as their children are escorted out of the gates.

Malachi Dads Pledge: 

As a Malachi Dad, I solemnly pledge to glorify God and build His Kingdom by prioritizing the raising of godly children, first in my family, then in the influencing of other men to do the same in theirs. I firmly believe that my transformed life in Christ, my life of integrity, pursuit of this vision, and the pursuit of godly character, will allow me to impact my children, family, and others towards this end. I will practice a life of daily discipline and dependence in God through prayer and the study of God’s Word, for the wisdom in how to “nurture my children in the admonition of the Lord.” I will pursue this endeavor for a lifetime, whether my children are in my home or not. Finally, I believe that my end goal is not only for my children to walk in the Lord, but that this God-given vision would impact multi-generations to come. So help me God.
Returning Hearts video for Awana Lifeline:

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