A N G O L A | Pt. 2 of 3

Once the children are reunited with their fathers, the fun begins! There are plenty of games, basketball hoops, etc. ready for them to enjoy together.

Justin Singleton, the youngest inmate pastor at Angola, spends time with one of his daughters. Justin attends seminary and is serving a life sentence.

The inmates are able to buy their children toys with credit they’ve earned from working jobs within the prison. This father and son analyze Silly Bandz while trying to decide what to get.

This photo was taken by Rebekah Clayton. I include it because it is a perfect example of the little, yet powerful moments we witnessed at Angola. Sabrina wanted to put on her Returning Hearts T-shirt so that her dad could sign it for her. I didn’t think anything of it at the time, but it later struck me that helping dress his child is a fatherly task that this dad doesn’t ever get to perform. Helping one’s kids get dressed is a daily event for parents of younger children. But not here. I’m still struck by how significant this simple moment this was, as well as others that I witnessed, like dads teaching their kids how to dribble or being able to buy them toys.

Kyle Hebert met his son for the first time at the Returning Hearts Celebration two years ago. It is the only time of the year he is able to see his son.


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