F O U N D ► A soldier in love

Love you Baby / Hi Love, Well how do you like our apartment? What you can see looks good don’t it?  Well it is not my apartment. It is my buddy’s and it is a nice place. And all that lives there is GI no girls at all so you don’t need to worry. If you didn’t know that’s me drinking a beer. BYE. I love you, Debbie / ?SEND ME A PICTURE OF YOU?


Me and my best buddy going downtown. Later on we were both drunk. I love you

A picture of me smoking some grass. The first and only time I did it. (Boy did I get high.) I love you

Me getting ready to turn my laundry in. I love you

From Debbie: This is the best one of her but she still didn’t look up. I love you!

Here I stand in front of the Fountain of Youth. Maybe I will turn young and get out of the Army. (The fountain is in the Park) I love you